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This month Languages of the World and Computer Skills are going to be our focus.

We so appreciate your role in making our Mint Green French Proverb Mugs#1 on our Best Seller list. (See French language mugs which are such fitting gifts for French lovers, French friends, French students and French educators.

You can find our French mugs 

Marketing Blunder has Web Shoppers Misled:
If you know Francophiles point them to the best French Proverb mug collection on the InternetWrite us about what you need!

The Best & Most Usable, Most Loved, Most Cherished Christmas and Hannukah Presents (Gifts) on the Internet:
Buy today it ships tomorrow? Well, at Christmas time, be sure to buy early. Their are  a lot of shoppers competing for our resources!!  Of course you will be informated of shipping time when you order. Here are the perfectly priced and perfect for use gifts that will never be in anyone's back draw or behind the door of some hidden closet:
Here is the list of best-priced and most well-received and daily cherished gifts:

This weeks Bargain Mugs
Yes, you save a few dollars on every mug in this store. Consider it to be our contribution to your shipping costs!! But these are the same mugs exactly, that are regularly priced higher. Take advantage when you see the mug of your choice in this shop!!  At this writing, some of the all time favorites are there, including quotation mug, Italian proverb  mug  designed especially for a connoiseur of Italian culture , a complete series of French proverb mugs (each of the six mugs is different, although  they appear as one  beautiful mug set!!),  a Hebrew  valentine /friendship  cup/ a pop art valentine/friendship cup (I love you 4ever). Each of these, if purchased today from a different store, will cost you more!!  So take advantage and make someone happy!

Inspiration and Affirmations 
Choose the affirmation or inspiration that's right for you or someone you love.

French Shop
Clothing items for the Francophile - The items are decorated with French Proverbs.

James Joyce
James Joyce Quotation Mugs.

A few hundred families (click on a letter)

are represented here. Is your family here yet? If you wish to order a customized family mug, Write us!

Luck Success and Motivation
Luck Success and Movivation - doesn't everyone need this with their coffee?

Bible Mugs
Selected Passages.

Russian Proverbs
Selected Russian Proverbs on  a Seven cup series. Start collecting !

French Proverbs - Proverbs
Our favorites are the Green Set ... A great investment in your French wit and fluency or that of someone you love.  Start today and collect them all!

Cielo Italiano - Italian Heaven
One of these mugs was specially ordered. Look at the work, thought and love that went into it. And the others contain a rich list of proverbs from the Italian Language. Whether you live in an Italian neighborhood, study Italian in High School, have fond memories of cruises on Italian ships or are pining for Roma's Spanish steps, these mugs will help you sharpen your Italian wit!

Gifts For Mom
Mugs and apparel for Mom. Appropriate for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday's and other gift-giving holidays.  Show Mom you appreciate her!

The Valentine Shop
Valentine Mugs, Gifts and Cards.  There is never  a wrong time to say "I love you".

Einstein Quotations Cups

Birthday Store 

Wedding Shop 1 -
If you can't get to the wedding, maybe you would like to send 2 or half a dozen mugs.

Seabiscuit & Horse Racing
These mugs are for lovers of horses and horse-racing.

To every person there is a name...


If the name you need isn't located here:   Write us!

Hard Times
Desperate times need desperate measures.

Technical Writers Gifts
Technical writers make some of the greatest contributions to QA and marketing of high tech products. Don't leave feeling forgotten and taken for granted. Here are some gifts they can appreciate.

Don't miss the latest: Italian Proverb Mug - The Perfect Gift for....

Japanese Site Map 

Make Everyday Mother's Day 
Holocaust Remembering : 

Kurt Gerstein history

S.S. Witness to the Holocaust - The Kurt Gerstein Report

Holocaust Page

Holocaust Links

Time Traveler's Wife - references
Curiosity links to referenes in Audrey Niffennegger's book The Time Travele'rs Wife
Dina Levy's Art

Visit the art of Dina Levy at:

Office in Tel Aviv


Artist Index 

Pink Braid by Dina Levy

The Official 80th year website of Queen Elizabeth

Pictures from the Queen's Birthday celebration
A close look at Prince Philip and the Queen, the royal table set for luncheon with the Queen, and some of the walkabout memorabilia.

Queen's Birthday Celebration

Prince Charles Tribute
Prince Charles recalls memories of his Great Grandmother and  Grandmother at the same age and his early memories of this mother before wishing her from all of us a Very Happy Birthday.


Sandi Thom 
Banff and MacDuff, Scottish and Irish, horses, piano, church organ .. these are the beginnings of Sandi Thom as wer
video games, her parents music collection, The Institutute of the Performing Arts (Liverpool).... yes, a very special talent.

Sandi Thom: I wish I was a Punk Rocker with flowers in my hair

Canoe Story
John MacGregor, a Scotsman who, just over 100 years ago, sailed his canoe, the "Rob Roy" down the Barada River from its source in the Anti-Lebanon mountains, paddled right across Damascus and ended his journey in a swamp in the middle of the Syrian Desert.

Art: Joan Miro
It's time to look again.

Skype from anywhere!!!

Changin Ideas about what can be eaten on Passover
Or Jewish Made Easy?

Immersion French
Learn French on your own terms. Coffee mug French.

Are Drug Companies Greedy?
Read this article and think about it. How would you feel if you or a member of your family need a drug whose price had risen. As it seems to one patient "It's an obscene gesture on the company's part to raise something by a factor of 10."

Beware - Real Estate Fraud in America
Thinking of buy real-estate via EBay or any other online Real-Estate source. Read this article first  Dana Reeve 
Dana was a successful actress, the devoted wife to Christopher and advocate of spinal chord injury Cancer.

Gordon Parks 
Master of the camera chronicled the African-American experience.


What did your family think of the original broadcast of War of the Worlds - ask who was affected by it in your family? (and perhaps take a  coffee break with  Family Mugs)